Study Classical Texts

  • Our main goal is to study Classical Chinese Medicine from the roots, which are ancient books, the origin of Chinese Medicine. Those Classical texts are inherited knowledge for whole human being, not only for Chinese. Our study is concetrated mailny on the following texts:
  • Huang Di Nei Jing (Su Wen and Ling Shu)
  • Nan Jing
  • Shen Nong Ben Cao Jing
  • Shang Han Lun
  • Jin Gui Yao Lue
  • Jia Yi Jing

* The courses will be officially recognized as part of the education programs of China National Inheritance of CCM Academy, Qi Lu School for Complex Diseases


Clinical Practice

While study classical text, it is necessary to use this knowledge in practice, to understand it, to see patients, to diagnose according to the pattern and to use percise Jing Fang (classical formula) to treat the patients. Is is very important to take part in the internships, where Jing Fang are used and also to use classical Ling Shu Jing Acupuncture and Jing Fang classical formulas in our own clinics.

Seminar / Congress

As an association every year we organise at least one CCMA member event, which can be seminar, congress, webinar. This is great opportunity to get a lecture from the top Qi Lu Professors and also to share our experience and knowledge. This year because of the ugoing COVID-19 pandemic we are going to have online seminar, where Prof Li Jie will talk about Application of Jing Jiang Fang (Shang Han Lun and Jin Gui Yao Lue) Formulas for Prevention, Treatment and Post-recovery of COIVD-19

Master Training Trip to China

Prof Wang Xing Lu team will offer the top TCM masters for the lectures and clinical training in China. Prof Wang Xin Lu is the lead proffessor of China National Inheritance of CCM Academy, Qi Lu School for Complex Diseases.

Last Master training trip was in 2018 in Jinan, China. The next one we plan to organize in 2021 in Qingdao, China.

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