Jing Fang for COVID-19


From 13:00 until 16:00

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Application of Jing Fang (Shang Han Lun and Jin Gui Yao Lue) Formulas for Prevention, Treatment and Post-recovery of COVID-19

Prof. dr. Li Jie 2020

Classical Chinese Medicine (CCM) has played important roles in dealing with hundreds of severe epidemics in history. It has dedicated itself for the great contribution for resolving big epidemics in Chinese history. Shang Han Lun is the most important book of it. Today, the whole world is facing the pandemic of coronavirus. Unfortunately, there are no significant effective conventional medicines for the treatment of coronavirus yet. Earlier this year, China had the epidemic outbreak. Classical Chinese herbal medicine has been used in the treatment. In more than 90% mild coronavirus infected cases Chinese herbal medicine has achieved significant clinical effects. 
In this lecture, Dr. Li Jie will share these classical formulas with you in theoretical and practical perspectives. The pathological mechanisms of the disease and related herbal formulas will be explained in detail.  The CCM differentiations in different stages of coronavirus disease, particularly tongue diagnosis with application of classical formulas will be discussed.
The following issues will be involved in this lecture:
I. Jing Fang for prevention of Covid-19
II. Jing Fang for treatments of different stages and patterns of Covid-19
III. Jing Fang for Post-recovery of Covid-19
Regular: 20 EUR or 90 PLN
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