What is Classical Chinese Medicine and what we do?


Classical Chinese Medicine (CCM) definition: Acupuncture, Herbal, Tuina and Qi Gong knowledge from ancient times up to the Qing dynasty

Our Vision: Study CCM for Today’s Difficult and Complex Diseases, to Search The Roots and Really Understand CCM

The honored chairman of the CCM Association is Prof. Dr Li Jie.

We cooperate with the China National Inheritance of TCM Academy Qi Lu School for Miscellaneous Diseases (Qi Lu Nei Ke Shi Bing Liu Pai Chuan Cheng Gong Zuo Shi). Prof Li Jie is the executive director and inherited fellowship of the European Branch
of the Qi Lu School.


About Qi Lu

  • 2013, China TCM National Administration agreed to establish 64 national TCM inherited schools. ‘Qi Lu School for Miscellaneous
    Diseases’ was selected as one of these. The National registration Nr. is LP0115033.
  • On 20th April, 2014, in Ji Nan, China, ‘Qi Lu Shi Bing Liu Pei Chun Cheng Gong Zuo Shi’ (LP0115033) officially established. Prof. Wang Xin Lu was elected as the leading Prof. for the

Our Mission:

  • to preserve inherited Classical Chinese Medicine (CCM) knowledge and classical texts
  • to translate the source CCM text
  • to apply CCM to benefit  human health
  • to educate TCM practitioners to study CCM and to enhance their TCM level
  • to collaborate to the other TCM or western medical associations or institutions
  • to promote in public preventive healthcare
  • to make certification specialized program of the classical knowledge
  • to organize seminars and congresses both national and international
  1. Member categories:
    • Student: at least 190 hours of study basic Traditional Chinese Medicine knowledge
    • Practitioner: at least 2 years of clinical practice

  1. Requirements for the candidate and member:
  • Focus and devoted to study and deepen CCM knowledge
  • Study and master Ling Shu Jing Acupuncture or
  • Study and master herbs mainly based on Shen Nong Ben Cao Jing and Ming Yi Bie Lu
  • Study and master classical formulas based on Shan Han Lun and Jin Gui Yao Lue
  • Master classical pulse diagnosis based on: Huang Di Nei Jing, Jia Yi Jing, Nan Jing and Shang Han Za Bing Lun
  • Apply CCM in the clinical practice
  • Annual fee: 300 PLN
  1. Benefits of being CCMA member:
  • Guide and help students to become good practiotioner
  • Being the part of the community where we can share knowledge and experience
  • Access to translated texts, articles and other materials from classical texts
  • Exchange clinical case studies
  • Certificate od being the part of the CCM Association
  • Discount to participate in the Prof Li Jie and other Qi Lu professors courses
  • Meetings, lectures, sharing the clinical experience, our own case studies
  • Possibility to have insurance for the TCM practice
  • Collaboration with the China CCM schools

Board of Directors:

Mariusz Edmund Andruszkiewicz


Elżbieta Irena Heland

Board Member

Anna Agnieszka Czarzasta

Board Member

Revision Committee:

Marian Marek Rompca

Anna Zięcina

Mariusz Januszewski

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